Intuitive Edge: A Transformational Company Founded by a Transformational Woman

Attorney Lisa Scott founded the woman-owned, legal services company Intuitive Edge. She saw a way to disrupt the industry by offering what she calls Dream Teams.

Frisco, United States – April 29, 2021 /PressCable/ —

When Attorney Lisa Scott looked at the world of legal services she saw an industry ripe for disruption. Legal services were almost uniformly provided by attorneys, sometimes with the help of paralegals, at hourly rates that rewarded the extraordinary analytic and advocacy skills of those professionals. Yet, companies large and small were paying those hourly fees even for the labor intensive process of organizing of complex legal projects, such as contract management during mergers and acquisitions. The organizing of such projects, she reasoned, might well be better and more economically handled by project managers, not attorneys or other legal professionals. Why not deploy project managers into any one of a myriad of business/legal undertakings as partners in the process?

That’s when Lisa Scott came up with the idea of Dream Teams composed of project managers, attorneys and paralegals to tackle even the most complex legal scenarios.

Scott is a woman who has always questioned whether systems were based more on tradition than on performance. It’s the lens through which she views the entire legal profession and each of the projects that Intuitive Edge now undertakes for businesses, including Fortune 500 corporations.

As Scott put it, “I saw the invoices being generated by big law firms who deployed the same professionals into every situation to accomplish every task and thought to myself, ‘Why would a lawyer be the person setting up the systems to review hundreds of documents or organizing meetings or making sure that the politics between an acquiring company and a divesting company were as smooth as possible? Those skills are often most well-honed in project managers–and at a fraction of the cost.”

With that disruptive idea at the core of Intuitive Edge, LLC, the company has now successfully managed tens of thousands of contracts for clients in a wide variety of industries. More information about Intuitive Edge, LLC is available at

Lisa Scott invented the OASIS Cycle® as the system her Dream Teams use to deliver extraordinary value. The OASIS Cycle® involves five steps: organization & optimization, analysis of gaps, standardization and streamlining of processes, institutionalization of standards, and synergizing of functions. Together, these processes have allowed the company to manage even the biggest and most complex clients. And they achieve this while reducing legal spend by a third, while doubling efficiency.

The fact that Intuitve Edge, LLC is a woman-owned company isn’t lost on the woman at the helm. “Neither gender has a monopoly on creativity or commitment–or intuitive views of ways to make an industry function better,” she said. “But I do love the fact that Intuitive Edge is a woman-owned company. I think Intuitive Edge can serve as an example to females who also decide to strike out on bold, new paths. For me, I feel so fortunate to have done so in a complex profession like the law and in service to some of the boldest companies in the world.”

Contact Info:
Name: Lisa Scott
Email: Send Email
Organization: Intuitive Edge LLC
Address: 6136 Frisco Square Blvd. Suite 400, Frisco, Texas 75034, United States
Phone: +1-214-235-7241

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