Focused Management of Procurement Contract Separation


Company A, a multi-billion dollar technology company, intended to sell one of its technologies called RADIANT. Company A had hundreds of vendors that were an integral part of completing a purchase of RADIANT. Once a buyer came to the table, Company A had obligations to separate, assign or complete certain contractual steps forward in order to transition all relevant vendors to the buyer. This was a huge and daunting task for Company A that would require a lot of time and resources, something which Company A did not have the bandwidth for. In the past, when Company A utilized a consulting firm to actualize a similar transition, some relationships with the vendors were jeopardized due to lack of sufficient communication and relationship management.


After an assessment and collaborative discussion with Company A, our personnel formulated a Dream Team, co-led by a Project Manager and Attorney to step in and handle the transition of the procurement contracts, in order for Company A to meet its obligations.  The first step was to start collecting documents and organizing them in a virtual data room so that analysis of the contracts could begin.   A comprehensive Playbook was then developed in collaboration with Company A, including how and when to use a “Soft Touch” approach.  The full team was formed and the Playbook was executed.

  • OASIS Cycle® ensured all bases were covered proactively for maximum efficiency.
  • Enhanced relationships with vendors were achieved through Soft Touch quality communication,
  • The Dream Team adapted and provided solutions quickly when customizations were needed.
  • The Dream Team proactively identified issues before they became unmanageable.
  • Full transparency into project KPIs, milestones, gaps and issues was maintained and communicated to both buyer and seller  throughout the process.


  • Company A obligations were not only met, but exceeded, in terms of time and level of effort.
  • All gaps and issues were identified and communicated in time for alternative decisions to be made.
  • Total support was provided, allowing Company A to relax, monitor progress and see an end in site.
  • The $2B sale of RADIANT closed successfully.
  • Buyer also hired our team to perform post-close contracts services.
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