Frontline Perspectives: A Legal Pro’s M&A Adventures

Welcome back to another episode of “M&A+ The Art after the Deal,” where we dive into the real-world narratives that shape mergers and acquisitions.

Today, we’re thrilled to host Joanne Hirase-Stacey, a powerhouse in the legal world of M&A transitions, bringing with her a treasure trove of experience and expertise.


  • Joanne Hirase-Stacey’s career journey and how she ventured into the realm of compliance and M&A transitions.
  • The critical role of compliance from the get-go in M&A and the emerging trends professionals should keep an eye on.
  • Joanne’s approaches to risk management, including the most formidable risks she’s faced and her methodologies to mitigate them.
  • Insights into the labyrinth of post-merger integration, its hurdles, and the strategies for ensuring seamless transitions.
  • An exploration of how technology is reshaping compliance and risk management in M&A, with a spotlight on the tools that In2edge finds most effective.
  • Reflections on moments from Joanne’s career, including challenging projects that have offered learnings within the M&A landscape.
  • Joanne’s take on what it feels like to steer through the transition phase of an acquisition.

Stay tuned as we line up more experts in the upcoming episodes, including a cybersecurity due diligence wizard in M&A, an expert in procurement strategies, and insights from a psychologist on the human elements of M&A transitionary periods.

A huge thanks to Joanne for sharing her wisdom with us. We hope her stories and strategies have provided valuable insights for anyone navigating the waters of M&A.

Be sure to join us for more expert discussions on “M&A+ The Art After the Deal,” where we unravel the complexities behind successful mergers and acquisitions.

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Beyond the Boardroom: Unpacking M&A and Leadership Wellness with Dr. Kevin

In this enlightening episode, we welcome Dr. Kevin Karlson, a unique professional with a dual background in law and psychology, to explore the intricate connections between mergers and acquisitions, leadership, and employee wellness. Dr. Kevin shares valuable insights from his recent research, discussing the real impacts of corporate wellness programs and effective strategies for enhancing employee satisfaction and customer service during corporate transitions.

What You Will Learn:

  • How mergers and acquisitions can impact employee psychology and well-being.
  • The effectiveness (or lack thereof) of traditional corporate wellness programs according to recent studies.
  • The significant positive effects of paid time off and community volunteering on employee wellness.
  • Practical tips for leaders on fostering a supportive environment during M&A processes.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Dr. Kevin – Background on his unique blend of legal and psychological expertise.
  • Overview of Recent Research – Dr. Kevin discusses his findings on corporate wellness initiatives.
  • Real Impact of Wellness Programs – A critical look at what does and does not work in enhancing employee well-being.
  • Positive Strategies for Employee Wellness – Exploration of the two effective measures: paid time off and volunteering.
  • Leadership’s Role in Employee Wellness – How effective leadership during M&A can promote better employee and customer satisfaction.
  • Q&A with Dr. Kevin – Dr. Kevin answers questions about applying these insights in various corporate settings.

Here’s the Slide discussed on the episode:

Connect with Dr. Kevin:

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The Genesis of Smarter M&A+: A Deep Dive into Transition and Integration

In this inaugural episode of M&A+ podcast, we explores the intricacies of mergers and acquisitions beyond the initial deal, focusing on the transition and integration phases. The host, Lisa Scott, emphasizes the importance of thorough contract review and early engagement in the M&A process. She shares examples of how neglecting contract terms can lead to operational hurdles and financial losses. The episode also highlights the role of integration teams in creating value and optimizing contracts. Additionally, the regulatory landscape and its impact on M&A transactions are discussed. The episode concludes with a recap and a preview of future episodes.

Story Notes:

  • Introduction and Host Background
  • The Importance of Contract Transition in M&A
  • The Role of Integration in M&A
  • Value Creation During Transitions
  • Navigating the Regulatory Landscape
  • Recap and Future Episodes

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Transforming Futures: A Deep Dive with Phil, the AI Futurist and Complexity Scientist

Welcome to M&A+ The Art After the Deal, where we dive deep into the strategies and stories behind successful post-merger integrations and acquisitions. In today’s episode, we’re joined by Phil Abraham, a noted complexity scientist, AI futurist, and a master at navigating complex transformations.

Introduction to Phil Abraham

  • Phil Abraham is celebrated for his trailblazing and innovative approach to solving complex business problems through the lens of technology, blockchain, and AI.
  • With a rich history of working with giants such as Walmart, Kmart, and GM, Phil has been at the forefront of tech evolution, and revolution, specializing in logistics, security, and supply chain simplicity via cloud transition.

Early Days and Foundation

  • Phil shares his journey, highlighting the early experiences that shaped him into the expert he is today also highlighted in this article: From the Rafters to the Cloud – DBusiness Magazine
  • Discussion on how challenges in logistics and supply chain management at major retailers provided a unique foundation for his expertise.

Major Transformation Case Study

  • Phil recounts a significant transformation project he spearheaded, detailing the challenges faced and the strategies implemented for a successful turnaround.
  • Insight into the roles of technology and integration in reshaping the future of businesses like Kmart and GM and the healthcare industry.

AI and Business Operations

  • Exploring the current and future impact of AI on business operations.
  • Phil provides his perspective on how AI is transforming strategic planning and execution in complex business environments.

Merging Giants: Strategy and Advice

  • Strategies for successfully merging large companies, with a focus on the realities of integration and overcoming technological hurdles.
  • Phil offers advice to businesses undergoing transitions, emphasizing the importance of planning and expertise.

Getting in Touch

  • Information on how listeners can connect with Phil for insights, advice, or consultations. Email Phil at

Closing and Upcoming Episodes

  • A thank you to Phil for sharing his invaluable experiences and insights. We will have Phil on again to do a deeper dive into subjects such as selecting and using a blockchain.
  • Upcoming episodes featuring a contract risk and compliance practitioner and an M&A cybersecurity expert, promising more deep dives into the art of post-deal success.

Thank you for tuning in to “Transforming Futures: A Deep Dive with Phil, the AI Futurist and Complexity Scientist”. Stay subscribed for more insights into making the most out of mergers and acquisitions. See you next time on M&A+ The Art After the Deal.

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Streamlining the Contract Process – The Jeff Crilley Show

Hosted by Jeff Crilley

As the owner of a podcast network and a public relations firm, I can tell you there are things I’m good at and things that I’m horrible at. Contracts make my head explode. All that language and the fine print. I just don’t understand. And that’s why I brought in my next guest, Lisa Scott, she’s the founder of Intuitive Edge.

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The Choices You Make Podcast

We chat with Lisa Scott, the founder of Intuitive Edge, a legal firm specializing in the contracting process. Lisa has spent 15 years in telecom, loves cooking and wine and fluent in mandarin. We learn how she has used her gut feel and intuition to get to where she is today, and believes in diving head first into the experience to learn anything well.

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Business Growth on Purpose Highlights with Lisa Scott

Hosted by Jose Palomino

Discover a fresh perspective on business health assessment in our latest B2B highlight video! 💼📊

Jose Palomino and Lisa Scott, Founder and CEO of Intuitive Edge, LLC., shed light on the importance of contracts, key terms, and vendor-customer relationships for understanding your business’ overall health.

This isn’t just about the financials anymore. It’s about reimagining your business through the lens of its contracts, exploring the interconnected relationships that define its existence.

From showcasing why your business wouldn’t be the same without its customers to illustrating how third-party supplies contribute to fulfilling customer obligations, our video takes a deep dive into an often-overlooked aspect of business strategy. 📑🔍

Tune in to Business Growth on Purpose (…) to uncover how keeping a closer eye on your contracts can lead to substantial cost savings and become a game-changer for your contract management. 🤝💰
Remember, understanding is the first step towards improvement!
Join us in this journey of discovery and let’s reshape the way we look at businesses together! 💡🚀

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Talking Deals with David, M&A in a Minute Series

Navigating M&A Transitions: From Closing to Operational Success

A live show based on the LinkedIn “Knowing Something” M&A in a Minute Series.

Hosted by David Edgar on November 9, 2023

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