M&A+: Fostering Trust, Reducing Risk and Adding Value During the Merger and Acquisition Process

M&A+, Fostering Trust, Removing Risk and Creating Value During the Merger & Acquisition Process” is for anyone with an interest in or heavily engaged in the pre-close process when there are numerous vendor contracts to transition. This includes corporate transition teams, private equity professionals, legal and procurement teams, all of whom have a stake in closing the deal while maintaining a cohesive purchasing ability. These individuals involved in merger and acquisition activity will be able to relate to the descriptions of chaos when it comes to contract transitions during a divestiture or acquisition. There are tight timelines, complicated contract issues and difficult vendor negotiations to tackle. As the book explains, there is a proven method for eliminating the chaos and executing transitions smoothly. This is done by getting organized, making a plan, appointing a project manager and allowing the legal team to work through all documents, negotiations and issues at optimal levels. The author has been able to tap into how to create synergy among the individuals on her teams as they collaborate with their customer teams and their customers’ vendors. The author also emphasizes the importance of enhancing positive working relationships at all times. The mergers and acquisitions process can be stressful; there is a lot a stake. This book addresses the often overlooked risk and cost of separating and transitioning suppliers and vendors with a proven solution that creates trust, reduces risk, and increases value for both the seller and buyer. This method may also be deployed in a best-in-class enterprise contracts management function.

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