OASIS Cycle®

The Solution for Complex Contracts Projects

Managing high volume contracts projects in a large corporation is complex and time consuming. There are many moving parts requiring the need to adapt quickly to changing business needs and unforeseen complications. All this must unfold while nurturing relationships to ensure the success of the transition and set the stage for continued good will between all stakeholders. It would be ideal to customize a standard work-flow process that is then optimized by an experienced team.

A corporation may experience the need to manage large-scale contract projects in a few situations:

  • A large corporation is divesting a piece of its business and needs assistance with pre-sale due diligence activities, pre-close obligations related to contract separation and post-close project close-out.
  • A firm is purchasing a business or providing managed services to a customer that requires the acquisition or transfer of contract assets, licenses and/or intellectual property.
  • A company is deciding to centralize and standardize a contracts function, commonly involving a de-centralized procurement organization’s numerous supplier or vendor contracts.

The OASIS Cycle® is a solution for managing complex contracts projects. The OASIS Cycle® combines people, process and technology, yielding repeated operations that result in a high level of synergy and optimization. There are 5 key elements in the OASIS Cycle®: Organization, Analysis, Standardization, Institutionalization and Synergy.

Let’s look at scenario #1 to illustrate the OASIS Cycle®. Imagine a large corporation is divesting one of its technology businesses to a buyer. In order to identify the ultimate buyer, the corporation will first need to make certain information available to potential buyers. Part of this information will be the corporation’s written procurement contracts which will impact the eventual buyer’s operation of the business.

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