Transforming Futures: A Deep Dive with Phil, the AI Futurist and Complexity Scientist

Welcome to M&A+ The Art After the Deal, where we dive deep into the strategies and stories behind successful post-merger integrations and acquisitions. In today’s episode, we’re joined by Phil Abraham, a noted complexity scientist, AI futurist, and a master at navigating complex transformations.

Introduction to Phil Abraham

  • Phil Abraham is celebrated for his trailblazing and innovative approach to solving complex business problems through the lens of technology, blockchain, and AI.
  • With a rich history of working with giants such as Walmart, Kmart, and GM, Phil has been at the forefront of tech evolution, and revolution, specializing in logistics, security, and supply chain simplicity via cloud transition.

Early Days and Foundation

  • Phil shares his journey, highlighting the early experiences that shaped him into the expert he is today also highlighted in this article: From the Rafters to the Cloud – DBusiness Magazine
  • Discussion on how challenges in logistics and supply chain management at major retailers provided a unique foundation for his expertise.

Major Transformation Case Study

  • Phil recounts a significant transformation project he spearheaded, detailing the challenges faced and the strategies implemented for a successful turnaround.
  • Insight into the roles of technology and integration in reshaping the future of businesses like Kmart and GM and the healthcare industry.

AI and Business Operations

  • Exploring the current and future impact of AI on business operations.
  • Phil provides his perspective on how AI is transforming strategic planning and execution in complex business environments.

Merging Giants: Strategy and Advice

  • Strategies for successfully merging large companies, with a focus on the realities of integration and overcoming technological hurdles.
  • Phil offers advice to businesses undergoing transitions, emphasizing the importance of planning and expertise.

Getting in Touch

  • Information on how listeners can connect with Phil for insights, advice, or consultations. Email Phil at

Closing and Upcoming Episodes

  • A thank you to Phil for sharing his invaluable experiences and insights. We will have Phil on again to do a deeper dive into subjects such as selecting and using a blockchain.
  • Upcoming episodes featuring a contract risk and compliance practitioner and an M&A cybersecurity expert, promising more deep dives into the art of post-deal success.

Thank you for tuning in to “Transforming Futures: A Deep Dive with Phil, the AI Futurist and Complexity Scientist”. Stay subscribed for more insights into making the most out of mergers and acquisitions. See you next time on M&A+ The Art After the Deal.

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