Frontline Perspectives: A Legal Pro’s M&A Adventures

Welcome back to another episode of “M&A+ The Art after the Deal,” where we dive into the real-world narratives that shape mergers and acquisitions.

Today, we’re thrilled to host Joanne Hirase-Stacey, a powerhouse in the legal world of M&A transitions, bringing with her a treasure trove of experience and expertise.


  • Joanne Hirase-Stacey’s career journey and how she ventured into the realm of compliance and M&A transitions.
  • The critical role of compliance from the get-go in M&A and the emerging trends professionals should keep an eye on.
  • Joanne’s approaches to risk management, including the most formidable risks she’s faced and her methodologies to mitigate them.
  • Insights into the labyrinth of post-merger integration, its hurdles, and the strategies for ensuring seamless transitions.
  • An exploration of how technology is reshaping compliance and risk management in M&A, with a spotlight on the tools that In2edge finds most effective.
  • Reflections on moments from Joanne’s career, including challenging projects that have offered learnings within the M&A landscape.
  • Joanne’s take on what it feels like to steer through the transition phase of an acquisition.

Stay tuned as we line up more experts in the upcoming episodes, including a cybersecurity due diligence wizard in M&A, an expert in procurement strategies, and insights from a psychologist on the human elements of M&A transitionary periods.

A huge thanks to Joanne for sharing her wisdom with us. We hope her stories and strategies have provided valuable insights for anyone navigating the waters of M&A.

Be sure to join us for more expert discussions on “M&A+ The Art After the Deal,” where we unravel the complexities behind successful mergers and acquisitions.

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