Business Growth on Purpose Highlights with Lisa Scott

Hosted by Jose Palomino

Discover a fresh perspective on business health assessment in our latest B2B highlight video! 💼📊

Jose Palomino and Lisa Scott, Founder and CEO of Intuitive Edge, LLC., shed light on the importance of contracts, key terms, and vendor-customer relationships for understanding your business’ overall health.

This isn’t just about the financials anymore. It’s about reimagining your business through the lens of its contracts, exploring the interconnected relationships that define its existence.

From showcasing why your business wouldn’t be the same without its customers to illustrating how third-party supplies contribute to fulfilling customer obligations, our video takes a deep dive into an often-overlooked aspect of business strategy. 📑🔍

Tune in to Business Growth on Purpose (…) to uncover how keeping a closer eye on your contracts can lead to substantial cost savings and become a game-changer for your contract management. 🤝💰
Remember, understanding is the first step towards improvement!
Join us in this journey of discovery and let’s reshape the way we look at businesses together! 💡🚀

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