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Mastering Turnaround Times in Contract Management – A Realistic Perspective

In the intricate world of contract management, particularly within the scope of transition projects, understanding and optimizing turnaround times is essential. Our recent spot-check analysis provides valuable insights into the realistic timelines for contract processing, from input to execution, and the factors that influence these durations. 1. The Velocity of Straightforward Contracts: Observation: For contracts […]

Streamlining the Contract Process – The Jeff Crilley Show

Hosted by Jeff Crilley As the owner of a podcast network and a public relations firm, I can tell you there are things I’m good at and things that I’m horrible at. Contracts make my head explode. All that language and the fine print. I just don’t understand. And that’s why I brought in my […]

The Choices You Make Podcast

 We chat with Lisa Scott, the founder of Intuitive Edge, a legal firm specializing in the contracting process. Lisa has spent 15 years in telecom, loves cooking and wine and fluent in mandarin. We learn how she has used her gut feel and intuition to get to where she is today, and believes in […]

High Performance CEO Podcast

Private Equity M&A: Contracts On Speed Dial Hosted by Patrick Rogers Listen to this podcast at https://patrickvrogers.com/podcast/private-equity-ma-contracts-on-speeddial/

Business Growth on Purpose Highlights with Lisa Scott

Hosted by Jose Palomino Discover a fresh perspective on business health assessment in our latest B2B highlight video! 💼📊 Jose Palomino and Lisa Scott, Founder and CEO of Intuitive Edge, LLC., shed light on the importance of contracts, key terms, and vendor-customer relationships for understanding your business’ overall health. This isn’t just about the financials […]

Talking Deals with David, M&A in a Minute Series

Navigating M&A Transitions: From Closing to Operational Success A live show based on the LinkedIn “Knowing Something” M&A in a Minute Series. Hosted by David Edgar on November 9, 2023 More information available at https://www.linkedin.com/events/navigatingm-atransitions-fromcl7124813698908459008/theater/

The True Grit of Contract Transition: Effort, Value, and Risk Reduction

In the aftermath of a corporate spin-off or M&A, the labyrinth of contract transition often emerges as a daunting challenge—one that can easily be underestimated by even the most seasoned professionals. It’s a process that requires meticulous attention, strategic finesse, and a considerable investment of effort. However, it’s a venture that, when executed proficiently, not […]

Unlocking Revenue and Reducing Risk: The Power of Data Analytics in Customer Contract Management

In today’s business world, contracts are more than just legal documents; they’re strategic assets. With the rapid advancement of technology, data analytics is proving to be a game-changer in the realm of customer contract management. Let’s delve into how leveraging data analytics can help businesses optimize revenue generation and mitigate risks in their contractual dealings. […]