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Transforming Futures: A Deep Dive with Phil, the AI Futurist and Complexity Scientist

Welcome to M&A+ The Art After the Deal, where we dive deep into the strategies and stories behind successful post-merger integrations and acquisitions. In today’s episode, we’re joined by Phil Abraham, a noted complexity scientist, AI futurist, and a master at navigating complex transformations. Listen to this podcast at https://open.spotify.com/episode/5OrD81j0fYq8OdLCUGe4ox

Harnessing Technology for Enhanced Procurement Transition During M&A Spin-offs

In the wake of modern M&A spin-offs, technology stands as the linchpin of an efficient, error-free, and strategic transition. The interplay between historical data analysis, real-time dashboards, and automated approvals is paving the way for a holistic, data-driven approach, especially in the domain of procurement transition. This paper delves deep into the transformative role of […]